Thursday, November 6, 2008

Autumn Changes

Who else is totally stoked that Obama won! And what a speech! Just the contrast between him and that guy we have in there currently (dare I say his name!) Honestly! What a difference. But I'll suppose we already know all that. I wish he could go into office right away. But soon enough, right?

The weather intrigues me. Yesterday the earth was blanketed in snow and today it's back to where it was before yesterday. Is that a sign of things to come? Not really, though, right? Things tomorrow will never be as they were today - hence a world of incessant change. And I ask, what are the constants? We create things that we think may be constant, and for a little bit they are, yet time allots for so much... in such cases, it's nice to feel like we'll finally have someone in office who knows what to do with those changes. He seems like such a good choice, so much potential, but is he? It's really an interesting concept...politics...

Okay, I will stop speaking in abstract riddles, or maybe just nonsense.

Is it just me or did this week pass by rather quickly...? I'll post something more on Saturday, but for now this is as much as I can reasonably lay out.

To those who are writers, lose yourself in writing. Write free and long and let nothing stand in your way as distraction.

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